Lone Ranger | According to the Minnesota DNR, Ruffed Grouse …

According to the Minnesota DNR, Ruffed Grouse are Minnesota’s most popular game bird as anywhere from 250,000-1 million are taken by hunters each year. The high take does not seem to affect their numbers as grouse have 10 year cycles of low and highs population figures. No one is quite sure why.


Grouse are year-round residents of our state and in the winter ruffed grouse have comb-like fringes on their toes that allow for easy travel on snow.


Male grouse have a hidden neck ruff (reason for name) which they display during courtship. Mating is about all they do as they play no role in parenting. Young ones leave the nest in September and live their adult life alone rather than in flocks of any size. Their adult habitat is normally confined to just a few acres.


This particular one I had to shoot through a myriad of branches as he quite successfully kept partial cover between us.


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