How to make a Zone Wars Map ( with working Storm and Starting Box)

I show you how you can create your own Zone Wars Map in Season 10 or above. I’m using the new advanced storm controller and advanced storm beacon, also the Weapon free zone to create a starting box for zone wars.


  1. The gun game mode doesn’t work can you make a follow up video?

  2. 3:40 those settings did not work for me. My zone was moving really weird. And where is phase 2?

  3. I forgot the second zone:
    Phase: 2
    End Radius: 100m
    Wait time: 5 seconds
    resize time: 1 min.
    Damage: 5%
    Movement Behavior: Move to Beacon
    Min: 10m
    max: 50m

  4. Thank you so much.Subbed and liked the video

  5. his like to dislike ratio for every like he gets he gets 0.01 dislikes

  6. Where were you when club penguin was kill?

  7. Hey man do you know how to add coins that you get when you get a kill? I want to add that to my 1v1 map.

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