Why Pop Punk Sucks


Why Pop Punk Sucks

Why Pop Punk Sucks

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What is going on my mates!

Today we will be talking about why pop punk sucks | or rather why people think pop punk sucks + whether or not that’s a bad thing + how it can improve

It’s kinda hard to go through life without hearing a pop punk song, especially if you grew up in the late 90’s early 2000’s when bands like blink-182, Green Day, Sum 41, and all those types of bands were poppin. It was on the radio, the mall, it was hard to evade.

These days pop punk isn’t so popular commercially but is for sure kept alive by acts like The Story So Far, Neck Deep, Real Friends, The Wonder Years, Knuckle Puck, you know the bands I’m talking about.

While I do offer some criticism towards the genre, I’ll always love it and end the video on a high note. Watch till the end. I usually don’t say that, but just do it this once with this video, per my request. Love you even if you don’t.

Thank you for all the immense support lately, it never goes unnoticed.


And now.. it’s time for the feature presentation you’ve been waiting for: Why Pop Punk Sucks

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  2. My original/punk rock idea for a video “Why do we feel the need to criticize other people’s tastes? & If everybody’s doing it is it still cool?”
    Badass concept right?

    Is it an attempt to be Jack Black’s character from High Fidelity’s are we all just Bored?


    Oooooo YANNI!!!

  3. For me, pop punk is just supposed to be fun music that you shouldnt take too seriously; which is what pop is. Except in this case, the carefree-ness of pop is mixed with rock and in my opinion it's a good blend. Yeah sure there's better things out there but a lot of pop punk songs are very upbeat and are fun to listen to; just don't try to take them too seriously.

  4. Why didn’t you mention mayday parade? They’ve always been easy going & stayed true to themselves. No matter how many times I’ve met them!

  5. remember when pop punk went sorta mainstream again around 2014-2015? Obv not as big as it was when bands like green day and blink were in their prime, but it was weird seeing a huge increase of kids wearing tssf and wonder years shirts around school.

  6. had not realized who this video was by until the slideshow of your pictures came on. @bracelegs was my bible as an angsty teenager. you do good stuff, man.


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