MGMT – When You Die (Official Video)


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Directors: Mike Burakoff & Hallie Cooper-Novack
VFX Supervisor: Jamie Dutcher
Starring: Alex Karpovsky & Lucy Kaminsky
Producers: Lucia Pier & Jamie Dutcher
Executive Producers: Adam Kurland & Matt Wyatt
DP: Steven Breckon
Editor: Max Goldblatt
Logo Design: Benjy Brooke
Production Companies: King Drippa + Daughter & Sons

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  1. Dead serious. I work from home, and more or less do what I like l. Weed, snacks, occasionally I jerk it. I'm not a drug dealer lol but one night me and my gf go out and meet a dealer for acid, I had a long shift the next day and a lot of work to do. Fuck that. I took the tab, tripped balls all night, stayed awake all night. Made things nice and clear, continoua urge to rub outside naked, my logic is that I have just consumed some fungal compound, like the fungus I wanted to be in the cold and damp, I stayed in. You can rationalise really well on acid. If you choose to stay in control, you just must make sure to reel it in by reminding yourseld of reality, I used anime intros to help, not joking, lol I knew I was still alive because I knew these cartoons.
    Anyways long story short, I got really high and proceeded speak with clients, I did not come down for at least 1 hour after my shift, was amazing, I was never so friendly or productive.
    This song came on halfway through and I shit my God damn pants at the heart out woman! Jesus noooo at the time it was ten times worse, totally by luck I was just playing random YouTube music.

  2. It's fucked how accurate this is. Acid visuals are nearly impossible to do. This isn't far off, the light glows, the repeating patterns, the disorientation, people's behaviour affecting their appearance, especially the woman at the end, the blood spilling down, it's like everything implied is made real, she says eat heart out so you immediately think fleshy.and blood, so blood.and flesh completes her face.
    Especially the strings, jesus I hate the strings. Just rippling lines growing out of cracks, horrible.
    Luckily my trip wasn't so bad.

  3. Ok I see a lot of comment about watching high yet no one has been thoughtful enough to drop the 'watch on acid' playlist they've added this to

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