Golden Hour
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Golden Hour disappears a lot more quickly when the sun sets behind your city’s skyline…

That said, it pleased me greatly to stumble on this little urban garden, and I couldn’t resist making a shot of it.

I’m a big fan of urban gardening; so much space in our cities is underutilised, even in our parks. Setting aside even just a bit of space to grow some good, local food, and teaching our children how to grow and tend a food garden is becoming not just important, it is becoming an imperative.

So many people, children and adults alike, really don’t know where their food comes from, and just take it for granted that it will be available in the local grocery store, without a second thought. That leaves us at the mercy of giant food chains, whose priority is shelf life and yields, not quality or even safety, security, or long-term sustainability.

I’m a proud urban gardener, and finding things like this gives me hope that awareness is increasing and things are changing for the better.


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