2013-10-16 – TCV My Friend Alfredo – 0006
healthy pasta recipes
Image by smiteme
My Friend Alfredo from John Schlimm’s The Cheesy Vegan. Not my all-time favorite fettuccine (really linguine) alfredo recipe, but pretty damn tasty just the same. It’s like 90% tofu, so super-healthy. I used silken instead of regular tofu as directed, so I reduced the soy milk a bit and also added some cornstarch to thicken things up. A little heavy on the pepper for my taste (if the sauce looks a little yellow, it’s because I added extra nooch to balance out the pepper), but otherwise a winner.

The featured cheese, by the by, is parmesan – so more nutritional yeast plus walnuts. Like I said, healthy!

Also, I put my Halloween decorations up today! That’s a Frankenstein placement with a purple bat candle holder in the background. My collection of Halloween ornaments is almost criminal in comparison to my x-mas decorations – I have like one door skeleton and a shit ton of candle holders – but oh well. It’s hard to compete with a closet full of flying spaghetti monsters.


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