This is really important. I discovered that my FB account had been logged into twice from two different locations from an android that was not mine.

During the wee hours of the morning when I knew my youngest was asleep, who ever was on her account for close to 24 hours straight, finally logged off the web. A few hours later she logged on and said she was on mobile. So someone is definitely going through her account. Could be a library snag or an ex or something , stalking her. She has some crazy exes.
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  1. My god what the hell is all the she said, he said, I replied stuff?
    Supposed to tell us how to find out who is logging to our FB account!
    We really dont need a running commentary on your conversations or what other people have been doing with their day!
    Just get on with the point!!!

  2. i dont have a cellphone so someone was using my browser from there cellphone? because mine had said facebook android twice on april 20th

  3. i have another question? when my chat is off how come i see the green light dot that it is showing my chat is on what does this mean? and my chat is turned off at the time! but it shows a green light that it is on! does this mean that someone is reading my chat messages from another computer? or a phone?

  4. Dude I'm 8 minutes into the video and your still not on the point of topic, wtf, just get to the point, I got a life to live.

  5. i have a question.. when someone is sending me a mssg. .the messg. sign will not get (colr red) but the sound effct of messg. is working….please help me …is it a sign that someone is logging in my accnt in other device….please need an answer…bec. this was the first time that happen..what should i do..?


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