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Mixed and Mastered by Pete Murtagh (








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  1. You deserve a lot more followers 😀 Why just 3k? 😮 But i will follow you a long time trust me 🙂 (sry for bad english xD do you think you can make a song in german? 😀 that would be so great *-*)

  2. Hello Offbeat, could you please make a song about cars? I adore your music, and I love cars, so a combination of the two would be splendide!

  3. wow dude your songs have the best that makes you dance while the lyrics have serious topics presented in amazing hilarious ways!!! keep up the good work !!! you're a star , I discovers you today and I already annoyed all my friends with your song !!!

  4. I saw so many of these types of books when I was volunteering in the book section of a oxfamshop, so many, was the snake oil of the 90s and norties

  5. as an internet marketer i can relate to this 100% , many many of us use those exact techniques to rip off poor people searching for help. (not me though) 😉

  6. Hearing you from Perú …this is really awesome! I always loved the British accent :p …I met your songs with "Just Clicked" ..and man do this songs ar great! 😀 you're just awesome..keep the great work on!!

  7. Last weekend my best friend introduced me to you with this song, and we listened to your music from 1AM to 5AM. We had tons of fun, thanks man 😀

  8. i have been trying to make rap like this for soooooo long but keep failing you give me the strength to keep trying thank you your music is amazing

  9. I have to say so myself I do take likings to your songs, I found you a while ago but I've been listening since Just Clicked and you deliver good content very often. So good job man! Keep it up 🙂


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