Wait and See
Miss World 2013
Image by Naniel ♫
Details: themessylittlecloset.blogspot.de/2013/12/wait-and-see.html

I feel completely diconnected from the world I’m living in
I try to understand, the way I’m thinking
Keep all options open, I’d rather wait and see
What’s gonna happen next
yeah I like to wait and see
what’s gonna happen next
yeah I like to wait

I choke on all the information
That keeps getting thrown at me
How do you decide, what to do
With all the complications, all the doubts
Do you want it with or without

So now you just wait and see… hey
Now you just wait

Please don’t be mad
But I already miss you
It doesn’t matter anyway
I hope you missed your.. your runaway train

Anouk – Wait And See


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