The BJP stared at a massive setback as votes were counted in crucial by-elections today, with the Samajwadi Party leading in both Gorakhpur and Phulpur, parliament seats vacated last year by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and his deputy Keshav Prasad Maurya as they joined the state government after the BJP’s landslide win in the assembly elections. For arch rivals, Samajwadi Party and Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party, a tentative political experiment has brought big returns.

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  1. It's surprising to see "educated" Hindus suffering from islamophobia to such extent. Modi is an excellent orator, that's it. His degrees are doubtful. Left his wife. He is here because of Godhra. As a PM he is a total blunder. Only flying around and giving hugs. He doesn't have deep knowledge of anything. His speeches lack depth and are just like given by a street politician. No PM in India has been such a blunder. Jan Dhan, Make in India, Digital India, Smart Cities, Demonetization, bullet train ……. except that Party office Jumla Party has executed nothing. Absolute zero. Congress had to deal to sky level oil prices. What have the jumla party done with the oil bonanza? All the projects like Aadhar, GST were Congress brainchild. And in terms of dealing with Pakistan or guts he is nowhere close to Indira Gandhi. While China is becoming manufacturing powerhouse India is falling behind in Jobs. Triple talaq and more taxes, that has been the agenda Of this govt. I was a hardcore modi fan but no more. I realize that this guy is just about all talks and is hardly serious about anything. All he can do is campaign and campaign.

  2. It is just a small gift by BJP to CONGRESS ..
    Because BJP will win 2019 elections for sure 😍
    We Love Modi .. Har har modi .. Ghar Ghar Modi 😉😉

  3. This govt has created a lot of employment but mostly in unskilled sector. Due to advent of new technologies like ai our software companies are not growing enough and our manufacturing has not kick started as our Indian corporates are bleeding with debt and don't have much money to support make in India. Foregein companies has their own agenda. In the future due to technology requirements of manpower will even decrease so govt is doing it right not to give more unnecessary jobs. Jai hind

  4. For time being bjp is the best party and we should give modiji one more chance in 2019. Its a fact that what this govt has done in 4 years no other govt has done in a decade. Most the reforms are unpopular but they weilds good returns in long run.


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