Hundreds of gamers lined up for the Xbox One, the latest video gaming console from Microsoft.
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  1. I have ps4 slim if your an xbox guy with no xbox one or have the higher xbox console and your cussing ps4 am roasting

  2. When Sony started raping it's fans I turned my back.. I still bought a PS4 for a couple of exclusives.. but Microsoft all the way.

  3. I got a PS4 on release and games never came out. Traded in for xbone with forza 5 and got sunset over drive🎮⬛️

  4. New Stuff is Extremely important Cleaning My Room at Cimaron a New Xbox One Sinner add Winners are announced in the future And Hopefully new Stuff like Used the guys new Console output in the new Car with the guys put it back my closest friends with him once again thank you very much like to see new Bags are packed and locked and Blocked connection is working fine until later.


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