Here’s how the mysterious Hope Hicks went from working in PR for Ivanka, to being the youngest White House Communications Director ever, to being yet another Trump staffer to resign.
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‘Who Is…’ is a weekly miniseries, narrated by celebrities, that explores the people behind the Trump administration, and their complicated often salacious histories. Each episode focuses on one of the many key players within Donald Trump’s inner circle.

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  1. You know what, of all the videos in this series, I liked this one best. It's still pretty bad, but bearable. The information was sound but again the subjects were all negative, the music invoked that same feeling of "silliness" the producers seem to go for, the the narrator spat out every line like she was appalled such a person existed. I truly don't understand why this channel continues to put out this… mediocre content… and that seems to be a generous compliment.


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