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  1. if there's one thing I've noticed about sonic fox depending on the opponent if he wins that first match he's more then likely have them "downloaded". its over if you cant switch up your style

  2. Wow,k only Sonic Fox looked any good. I've had better opponents with 18 frame delays than he had in the finals. Dude not even following up with autocombos, let alone manuals. smdh

  3. sonic fox also tried to play vf5fs which is a good complex game and he didnt do very well…along with street fighter he did ok but it shows the more complex stuff he doesnt play or get to the top as much guilty gear is similar to dbz other than the mvc team and assist concept but he dont play guilty gear which is kinda complex

  4. 38:36 Dude… Cell fires the Kamehameha to counter Kid Buu's super, then evades a blast with his vanish. Like, literally at the last fraction of a second.

  5. Kid Buu really is a Top Tier character. Great assist, Great range on his normals, Great damage on his Super…
    He's really above many characters.

    Last game starts around 35:00… no time for a Bracket reset, so the ending was spoiled…

  6. 2:58 explain staggering, we have a bunch of new player, who never touched a fighting game.
    "Sure, Its a blockstring, not a true blockstring he tries to delay it and for some reason I think its plus, we don't know the frame data though."
    Could we get some dumb sports commentator in here. I dont need tech, I need Hype.


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