Top 10 Best Downton Abbey Moments

Top 10 Best Downton Abbey Moments

If you’re looking for a well written, critically acclaimed historical drama show then Downton Abbey is the show for you. The show’s characters are mesmerizing and these are the moments that stood out more than others, including the discovery of Mr. Pamuk’s body, Mr. Carson’s Proposal, Edith being left at the alter, Bates and Anna’s wedding, Anna’s rape, and Cora’s miscarriage.

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  1. "Best moments" ?… you mean Worst or saddest moments… wtf 🤔 the rape, edith and miscarriage and death.. noo

  2. Must be the last person to watch this show. I am trying soooo hard to like it. But I just cannot believe that English people, or any people, could be so fucking frigid. I just saw the episode when they thought the heir and whatzisface, the soldier who likes the servant girl, were missing and probably dead at war. Then they miraculously and unexpected;u showed up. I really, really cannot believe, and refuse to accept, that they reacted the way they did. Normal folks, anybody with a heart, would be screaming and bawling and fainting and falling on the ground with relief and joy and every other uncontrollable emotion. What they hell is wrong with those people? I think I've had enough.

  3. HOW THE HELL CAN YOU SAY "BEST MOMENTS: ANNA'S RAPE" DOES THAT SOUNDS RIGHT TO YOU?????? FOR GOD'S SAKE! And with that joyful VOICE… It's so fucking wrong in so many levels

  4. Fuck that. Number 1 should've been when Edith finally told Mary she was a nasty jealous bitch. It was almost as satisfying as when Sansa let Ramsey Snow's dogs eat him


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