Hillary Clinton blames dozens of reasons for her election loss. Panel debates the reasons.

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  1. Look at the difference between these ladies. One's a sensible lady. The other is a grub catcher. Although she has eaten a lot of grubs. And walked 45 miles to get water that the grubs have peed in. (hint) MOVE DUNGHUT CLOSER TO WATER SOURCE…

  2. lies hate greed that's what destroys and individual that's what destroys countries Let It Go instead think of caring for each other and caring for nature that means survival today and that means survival tomorrow

  3. I hope our president keeps going out and endorsing Republican candidates, so far they have all lost after our president made his appearance.

  4. Hillary fell down twice in India after making her stupid comments. The woman needs to go away, and stop disgracing herself

  5. Jehmu Green…..Somebody actually paid this dumb bitch to be an advisor to Hillary Clinton? No wonder the fucking bitch lost.

  6. I still like the quote from that Hollywood actress who said she was not gonna vote Hillary because she does not vote with her vagina.

  7. That demoncrat bitch is repulsive. Who is gonna provide black women with health care? Um, how about try this….get off your lazy black ass and work and then buy your own health care. Secondly, try not having 15 kids by 15 different dead beat black boys because everyone else is tired of paying for the lazy inner city blacks lack of responsibility.

  8. Hillary (and the dems/lib media) live in a perpetual state of denial. They can't accept the 'better man' won. Hopefully I pissed off a few feminists.


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