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sports zone hours
Image by Ed Yourdon
I take photos to change the world.

If there’s a natural disaster — fire, flood, earthquake, or hurricane — that needs to be documented, maybe I’m the guy you need. (Alas, I’m not sufficiently brave, fearless, or suicidal to take photos in a combat zone — so if you’re looking for a war correspondent, don’t call me.)

But if there’s a human disaster that’s been overlooked — sadness, loneliness, death, homelessness, or a thousand other quiet tragedies, in your neighborhood, or in your own home — maybe I should bring my camera, and capture the scene in a way that brings dignity and respect to everyone. I photograph happy moments, too: the little smile, the grasp of a child’s hand, all those little moments of life that often get overlooked.

I won’t accept any payment for the photographs I take. I won’t even let you pay my travel expenses. I won’t use the photos for any commercial purpose. All I want to do is change the world.

Alas, I can’t take on very many of these projects, because I do still have to work my “day job” to pay the rent and put food on the table. If you have such a project you’d like me to consider, please email me at with “CHANGE THE WORLD” in the subject line.


I’m spending the winter months of 2014-2015 in a warm spot on the beach in Indialantic, FL (if I have Internet access, it doesn’t matter too much where I’m physically located).

In addition to my sunrise walks along the beach, I’m also shooting various other afternoon scenes that look interesting — especially during the “golden hour” that extends from roughly an hour before sunset to an hour afterwards. The view in all of these shots is basically eastwards (sometimes northeast or southeast), so the sun is always setting behind me in the west. Thus, I’ll sometimes see some pink skies, or some interesting mixtures of late-afternoon sunlight and blue/purple colors — but not the fiery red/yellow/pink skies that accompany the sunsets in the west …

These are some of the shots that I thought were somewhat interesting …


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