The Wipers Times: Trailer - BBC Two

More about this programme: The true story of The Wipers Times, co-written by Ian Hislop and starring Ben Chaplin, Julian Rhind-Tutt and Michael Palin.
Video Rating: / 5


  1. enjoyable film – some men were destroyed emotionally by The Great War, but these two comrades in arms managed to laugh sardonically all the way through, and so survived

  2. And you're one to talk about getting arses kicked being an Italian descendant. The Brits beat the crap out of the Italians after they attacked Egypt, 20,000 Italians surrendered to just 3000 Brits! "Never has so much been surrendered, by so many, to so few" – Anthony Eden.

  3. What? You are joking, aren't you? Americans arrived in Europe when the war was practically already ended. Largest American impacting involvement was bombing Japan so they could test the bomb.. You should learn History, not from a book written by Americans as they tend to distort things. Don't even get me started on their annoying accents.

  4. the British got there assess kicked in world war 2,at least the Americans ended the war with some help from the soviet union,Americans have less annoying accents,i can't stand British tv.

  5. Oh nice! I read this in school, my English teacher lent me a book containing reprints of the newspaper. I still remember the poem about two soldiers arguing about football all the way through a battle.


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