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Samantha Lewthwaite is the infamous ‘White Widow’ – a British daughter of suburban Buckinghamshire, but Samantha is also Sherafiyah, the widow of Germaine Lindsay, the man who killed 26 people on 7/7. Not long after the attacks, she has been linked to terror attacks in Nairobi – this documentary tracks down Britain’s most feared female terrorist.

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  1. I heard this rumour that Samantha used to do surgeries to change her look oftenly…

    It was a dark day here in Nairobi and worse because I knew some of those who lost their lives…

  2. so she had to go to the country i'm from? but why did she have to do it at all. giving islam a bad name. can not be doing these things. but why kenya because she almost killed my dad because my dad was at the building.

  3. There are many many Muslim its a sin to take life or to take yourvown but sheki all fizial should not be kept alive I am sorry anybody supporting this hatred should be extermination or get island and leave them there for the rest of there lies

  4. With all the propaganda the world has, we cannot be utterly sure that Samantha lewthwaite masterminded attacks on innocents…western media…again… If she did, may God correct and lead her to goodness, if she didn't we seek refuge for lying against her….and Allah knows best.

  5. I am a proud Muslim. But I nor Allah is proud of these people who claim to kill in the name of Islam and Allah himself. These people have ruined the name of Islam and I am ashamed.

  6. My issue is when she was considered to be taken out by a Russian with a sniper, why was it so quickly dismissed by Fox News? nothing came of it afterwards other than "The Russians are trying to drive a wedge between us and our British allies." I heard she's now married to a ringleader in Al-Shabaab. She seems well protected. It's weird.

  7. "He found it hard enough I converted to Islam without marrying a man I'd hardly met"
    … I mean it should be. "He found it hard enough I converted to Islam let alone married a man I hardly knew" The way she phrases it is weird

  8. Though there is another "white widow" who is confirmed dead "Sally Jones". Isn't this a name only one woman should have. They couldn't even come up with an original nom de plume

  9. the worse mother in history is dead,,, using her son as human shield,,and we still have reporters and lefties sayin yeh but it killed her grub,,, have u seen the video of it,,,,?, weeks b4 she was cryin and wanted to return to the uk,,, well hope none of the cancer are able to return, and all face the same,,,,


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