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  1. I know there are going to be a lot of comments about the "weapons" so let me just address that quickly here! It is VERY difficult to get a firearm in South Africa, so many people have found themselves buying paintball guns with pepperballs / riot equipment for self defense. The small crossbow seen will be used to hunt rabbits, not for war. As you can see many of the preparations are defensive. These people do not want a war, they want their families to live.

  2. Confederate rebels rise again 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 Thousnds of New Generals Lee growing in Europe and USA ✊✊✊ Civil war is near 💪💪💪 We must go to help our white brothers and sisters in South Africa 💪✊

  3. Dont worry, if people thought Americans volunteered to help the Peshmerga, wait until communists attack Farmers. It is hardly difficult to get weapons in SA. There will be ex Special Forces guys all over that area if those commies want some…

  4. This shit makes me mad, far from truth and its videos like this that will anger us and cause civil war, we will get our land and rescources back. The land shall return to its rightful owners!!

  5. Can I volunteer in the white Suidlander army when shit does hit the fan? I have my own guns, ammo, and armor

  6. This is one of the funniest things I've seen 😂 😂 😂 😂

    The extent of the paranoia! This is soooo biased! Wooow! I'm South African and there's no such thing as a civil war

  7. Call of duty fan spotted, thinks he can do the same stuff in real life. That is a fantasy that some of these preppers seem to have. I will bet anyone that (not saying it ever will) if in reality the sh#t hits the fan, you would react in an entirely different manner. Like a dear in headlights, youre not used to coping with that level of danger and the fear can and most likely will overwhelm you. Youre ability to reason will go flying out the window, that's saying if you had any to begin with.

  8. I believe you will include wider perspective for this situation because 2016/17 lots of Ethiopians killed and harassed by South African's on streets of Johannesburg.

  9. Whites make up only about 8% or 9% of the South African population; they must acquire firearms if they are to survive for any amount of time.  The hordes of blacks that will attack will not stop due to a tiny crossbow and they will never stop chasing the trucks if the Whites flee.  It really cannot be that hard to find an arms suppler in Africa or in the Mid-East.  All the suppliers want is money; they don't back any specific causes.  They must do this to protect their women and children from these animals.

  10. This is proablably going to sound racists but generally speaking blacks are ruining this country, I have never seen or heard a country run by blacks that is successful….

  11. I hate these, I just get into them and you shut if off! Why is that, so you can make more money on the backs of these poor Afrikaaners?


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