The Life and Work of Jane Addams

A short documentary of the life and work of Jane Addams, founder of Hull House in Chicago, Illinois.
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  1. Thank you, this is very hepful. Could you also list your sources so that I could further my research on JA?


  2. Thanks for this! It´s going to help my on my upcoming Social Work Exam. I´m lucky to be able to watch this as complementary research to my studying. Casually learning things, while taking a break from working hard for exams, to have a spinach-feta bun from the turkish store that´s the only thing open on sundays in the austrian small-town I´m living in. People… I´m glad we have the internet.. It´s such a great thing when used to reach out to people and improve ourselves…

  3. this is awesome. You did an amazing job. I am doing a project in my humanities class and this helped quite a bit. Thank You


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