The Knockout
sports 37
Image by Edith and Wilmur Ogleby
Later, Wilmur would claim that it was the 11th round in which he was knocked out, but the injury Naxos inflicted was still causing him to see double.

Featuring this great boxing club set from NOMAD available at 6º Republic. The build, chairs, mats, boxing ring, speed bag, tires, and bell are from this great set. The building is really nice, with two working garage doors on the front, so it could be used for many things, from a boxing gum as intended, to a garage, or even a house. The mats and boxing ring have really nice animations. This is not one of them – Nax and I bounced around a lot but then he decided he needed to end me and welp.

The punch bag is also from NOMAD, from an earlier release. The dogs are from JIAN, the cabinet is from Handverk, and the weight bench is from Pilot. Oh, and Naxos is from hell.

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