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I’ve been tagged by the sweet and wonderful DebM07 Deb I’m just having some fun here, I really love Valentines day and really love that you tagged me XOXOXOXO

You’re being tagged by "Flickr" Cupid’s love arrow. These questions all apply to "romantic love." Be creative. Happy Valentine’s and have fun!
1. What was the name of the first person you loved? – Mommy
2. How old were you when you got your first romantic kiss? – Romantic? – I’m a boy, but OK 14
3. Who do you love now? – First and forever – Rachael Welch (OK she’s old, but so am I)
4. Do you have special plans for Valentine’s Day? – Me and my buddies Jack & Jim are watching sports (or some exploitation film) for the day
5. How do you show your love for your sweetheart (keep this answer clean)? – Stay the hell away
6. What is your favorite love song? Bang The Gong seriously I love this song
7. Who is your love guru (meaning author, television star, or friend)? – Stephan King
8. Tell us the best love/dating advice you have ever received? – Berry White, Lets Get It On

Please tag your friends! – Nope!
Please add your answer to the "I’ve been tagged" pool. – Nope!


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