Sports Illustrated showed off the cover of their latest opportunistic issue about the recent demonstrations by NFL players, but left Colin Kaepernick completely off the cover, and opted for commish Roger Goodell instead. This left a sour taste in nearly everyone’s mouths…especially Steph Curry.

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  1. Bottom line is that President Trump played these fools….Steph Curry disrespected President Trump, and President Trump called him out and uninvited him from the White-house and all hell broke lose,because pro athletes aren't use to being rejected and that is exactly what President Trump did…

    Liberals have injected their politics into everything from entertainment and sports and people are sick of their damn asses.I'm an Independent who have a disdain for partisanship.

  2. If I make such a political statement at my job, I'd get fired. A bunch of overpaid people who play games for a living want to disrespect the emblem of the country I served and had friends who died serving. Sports illustrated will never see me renew and I will never attend another less then pro (a pro would not make the game about politics) football game. I will watch it on TV only to see what companies have ads. Then I will notify those companies that I will no longer use their products. I will speak to people I know and meet and urge the same.

  3. NBA starts this same shit I will not watch them either white or black or any race. Respect the flag our troops our country our freedom. Hope all you NFL players got degrees so you can find work

  4. Why are we surprised? Its the typical white washing of Black history. Colin Kap has sacrificed the most. And he is the father of this movement. To leave him off makes no sense. Except to tell HIS story and not history !

  5. I love the phrase. Yes these issues should be addressed, but it's ridiculous that everyone is all doing the same thing that they attacked Kapernick for.🤦🏿‍♂️ It drains the meaning I feel like they are making fun of it in a sense. Ray Lewis?? Really?? Owners walking out on the field, doing it with the players. I get the whole something is better than nothing thing but what is the knee during the anthem doing anyway? Who does it really affect, it may upset someone. Hands up, all of this stuff, to me it's like fighting back with your parent only just enough where you know you can't really get in trouble. Also it took trump to get the NFL to this point. Shows how much they truly value it. Sports are gonna cash in on this and act as if they honestly care, yet cap still isn't even a third string on the NFL's worst team. #cutthebull. #sticktosports


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