Jeff Cable shares his favorite tips for photographing sporting events. Even though Jeff is a 5-time Olympic photographer, he has advice for photographers of all levels. Jeff recommends camera gear, camera settings, and ways to grab unique sports photos. His casual and fun style of teaching has made him one of the most popular speakers at B&H for the last 5 years.

Jeff Cable Photography

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  1. Great info here! At 10:30 in the presentation, you showed the 'back stage' of Canon at the Olympics.  All that gear will be used after the games.  Where can I purchase that used gear?!? Shopping on a budget!

  2. I love Jeff Cable's style of presentation – fun, down to earth, informative and encouraging. You won't be sorry spending an hour here.

  3. This is why you remain a favorite of mine, Jeff. Another great presentation…….and I think that I have seen all of yours. Don't know why some people give it a thumbs down.

  4. Love your presentations, Jeff! Quick questions: when shooting with such quick turnaround (ala Olympics) are you still shooting raw? And how are you able to get them into Lightroom so fast? I'm assuming you use the import function to pull the photos from a drive you've store them on? Not sure how Photo Mechanic works with that type of integration

  5. Sehr informatives Video, auch wenn für mich nicht viel Neues dabei war. Sehr interessant war es aber einmal einen Blick hinter die Kulissen bei Olympia zu werfen.


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