MSG’s Knicks correspondent (Chance the Rapper) is forced to cover a hockey game.


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  1. Sorry. I'm a fucking rangers fan… This is almost as embarrassing as our season. This needs to be deleted cause it's straight racist. And btw, Kevin Weeks, anyone with Suban as a last name, or anything. Never post dumb shit like this again.

  2. Funny sketch, but the reality is that going to a hockey game live is probably one of the most fun things you will ever experience in your life. A lot of people make judgments on things without experiencing them for themselves. This sketch is probably what someone who has never been to a hockey game "thinks" it would be like. But they'd be wrong, of course. =)

  3. "Las, do you have any thoughts on if the coach is going to stick with his strategy of keeping those lines pretty short?"


    This is pretty genius. Very cool…umm…cold.

  4. This guy is sooo me! I only now how football works (and only just barely) so when someone is asking me how I feel about a baseball game, I just make stuff up😂


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