We’ve made a thick, creamy potato and fish chowder with zingy lemon, smoky fish, fresh tomato and sweet kernels of corn. It’s really filling so perfect for healthy eating!

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  1. this is probably the healthiest versions of chowder i've seen!! there's always need for some cream some cheese some flour, and THEN you get that creamy texture. and even THEN it doesn't look THIS creamy ^0^ so basicaaaaally…THANKS!! <3

  2. I rarely see you boys season stuff? Like sometimes i do, but in a soup how can you not add salt and pepper at any stage?

  3. Please please do a New England clam chowder recipe! It's my all time favourite soup and I can't find a decent recipe here on YouTube!

  4. Greetings from Greece!  Love you guys! Always to good to feel good vibes coming out of the kitchen. Please do make more soup videos!

  5. My favorite is potato bacon. It's pretty much the same basis of potatoes but instead of fish you use bacon. Garlic, onions, stock, chopped carrots and cubed potatoes to start, blend, then add more potatoes, carrots (optional), dill and bacon to finish. Left over baked Ham is also good instead of bacon.

  6. So it's basically a Vichyssoise with tomato, smoked haddock, and sweet corn added, yeah? Not bad, boys. Though I'd opt out the tomatoes in favor of caramelized onions, and maybe replace the haddock with shrimp. Would definitely be great with hot sauce regardless of the ingredients, though.


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