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  1. You don't go from headshot to chest shot, especially for a round that couldn't even punch a vest. Good ol shitty tv..

  2. You're a dozen times more likely to be killed while working in the forestry industry than working as a cop.

    American cops kill 100 people for every cop who is killed by a criminal.

    Getting sick of the hero routine that Americans throw at their cops in these stupidly unrealistic television programs.

  3. i have never heard of this show it just came up when i was looking at ncis la so i thought i should check it out, now i think ill start watching it

  4. At 1:31 you can see a hand come up on the right holding a spray bottle, I'm guessing it's what sprays the "blood" on her face. If you're quick enough, you can see the blood splash on her face before the sound of the gunshot too.

  5. So the bullet was meant for the cop right? Because the shooter shot the girl first then shot the cop after. If it was like that then that girl was caught in the crossfire. 😦☹️


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