Risotto is one of my favorite pasta recipes. And yes, I know that risotto is a rice, but in Italian cooking it counts as a pasta course. This is an Asparagus Risotto recipe, to which I’ve added just a bit of lemon and lemon zest, which brightens up the dish.

It is absolutely perfect in Spring when you’re looking for asparagus recipes but is also great all year around. I’ve used chicken stock, but you can easily make this a vegetarian risotto, and either way it’s one of the more healthy risottos I make.

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  1. And, you correctly pronounce the final 'e' in 'al dente', so why do you say 'marscapoan'?- it's the same rule, Dave- EVERY terminal 'e' in italian is pronounced as 'eh'- so it's 'marsacapon-eh.

  2. Great demo, Dave- but, permit me- why do you pronounce it 'risoato' (ie with a long 'a' vowel like the 'oa' vowel in 'boat')? .
    The rule in italian is that if a vowel is followed by a DOUBLE consonant the vowel is short, so ( as the rest of the world already knows) it is pronounced ri SOT- to. It's the same as in english- bottle,( not boatle), battle( not baytle), paddle ( not payddle)etc.


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