Ratatouille as staple in southern French cooking is perfectly suited to the bruschetta a dish of Italian fame. Seasonal vegetables including tomatoes, zucchini, squash, bell peppers and plenty of extra virgin olive oil make this slow cooked stew delicious.


  1. Your videos are excellent Keith. Im a working dad who likes to cook but my skills are minimal. Having videos like this really helps. My daughter doesn not eat allot of veggies and that concerns me. Can you suggest some veggie dishes picky kids might eat? I tried your roasted couliflower and she did eat that so thanks.

  2. I have question keith
    how differentiate about zucchini and summer squash?
    it's very confuse to me also in japan I can't fined summer squash 🙁

  3. @ppshchik hmmmm.. I think you got me there….the stew was rustic…but presentation a touch not……good eye man!

  4. I love your videos, simple informative and filled with whole fresh natural ingredients! Keep up the great work. I'm making your chicken medallions w/corn in the sauce tonite!

  5. @jexx10 if you have a bright window it's possible to grow in side all year…also, any container works..see this article: put this after the URL of my site: /2010/07/container-gardening-perfect-for-urban-living/


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