Have you ever been in a power outage, and wished you were not in a power outage?! And could turn at least a few things on? You might have the tools for it!

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
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  1. Wait maybe that guy everybody’s dreaming of (search it up it’s cool everyone who saw the pic apparently saw it before) is Medhi Sadghahar?

  2. As an Electronics Student, this channel is very educational! But one can't deny that it's also absolutely hilarious!

  3. When i want to shut off a breaker, i plug a radio to oulet, when i dont hear the radio i know i have the right breaker. That or use a breaker tester, but that costs money.

  4. Dude you made a mistake at 5:00 in the video. Car batteries usually use starter batteries to start the engine, and using a starter battery for a long peroid of time is bad for it. Try and use a hybrid battery if you are using lead batteries.


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