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  1. "Look here's the thing. I 'll actually like to come here in Indianapolis, but I will say. If you don't take me, I'm go kick your butt for the next 15 years" We dodge that 15 years of butt kicking. Thanks Peyton for the good memories.

  2. In 18 years for both, Peyton got 100 more touchdowns than Brady, 5000 more yards, 2 more MVPs. Brady dickriders FOH. We can't all have Bill Belichick.

  3. Greatest regular season qb by far this man holds pretty much every record a qb can hold in regular season too bad he wasn’t the best in post season but hey 5 mvps and 2 rings, can’t say that’s not an achievement.

  4. Mavin Harrison would be live. He gotta be THE most Underrated and understated wideout in history. . .any rebuttals???


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