NRA All Access Web Clip - Theresa Vail

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Meet soldier, marksman and 2013 Miss Kansas Theresa Vail. She breaks the stereotypes of women and the outdoors, and shares with us how her passion for the outdoor world helped shape her life.
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  1. Great work Theresa and thank you for bringing light to so much more than fire arms. Thank you for your service and your continued support of those how do. There are many women who've helped shape this country and make it the great nation that it is. I believe you are among them. Keep up the good work girl. Hooah!!!

  2. The poacher I guess you had lots of competition @ home and anger issues so you take it out on animals. This will come back to haunt you. Mental issues unloved. zoosadism from Dad

  3. She's fake…..she was my next door neighbor in Manhattan Kansas. Biggest scandal created…….she had been doing pageants for years. Rarely anything she has said was the truth…..stop being sheep.

  4. I will pray everyday that she dies of ovarian cancer. She is human garbage. So is the family that raised this cancer to nature.

  5. And now shell have doors open for her the rest of her life cuz shes a hot fake blonde. Exploiting the uniform brave soldiers have died in for the sake of a beauty pagent is just wrong.

  6. Teresa your doing great work. Always love see the lady's In the house giving us Men a run at the range. What a great sport it is. For the people in the house, The sport go's all the back to 450AD. One of the oldest sport in the world. Started out using crossbows and bow and arrows. one of the very best and fun sports competitions the world will ever know.

  7. Nice, 4H is great to get kids in to. How I started my daughter using firearms. She is 12 now, She been in 4H little over 4 yrs now. And has won 3 competitions. And now she owns her own P22Q and P380
    The two pistols she feels best using for sport and at competitions at the 7 and 15 yard lines. For me I'm one of the instructors at our club. So life is good.


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