mowgli sketches-compare3
Big Brother 15
Image by DTWX
Mowgli sketches-compare 3

Start: Friday, April 10, 2009, 7:08:53pm
Done: Friday, April 10, 2009, 7:27:01pm

Panel 1- Mowgli running toward the animated camera. This is another shot of Mowgli running like in the 10th panel of my 1st Sketches. I traced this version cuz I thought it looked dynamic & I was also *running* out of ideas for screenshots. heheh ;p
Panel 2- Mowgli sitting down to take a breather against a rock to his back. Another serenic moment that I wanted to add to this volume. Drawing the toes hidden beneath the grass was a little tricky at first, but other than that, it was No Problemo. 😎
Panel 3- Another “KHHHAAAAANNN!!!” shot, but with a slightly different angle than the previous one, including the overall Action Movie style posing.
Panel 4- Mowgli relaxing on a trunk of a tree. I forgot to add the blue tree outlines so that he doesn’t look like he’s floating on air, but you get the sense of the shot.
Panel 5- My favorite shot in the whole sketches here. I like his dynamic type of stance here & although he’s only a 10 year old Boy, he has that sense of Authority in Adults. So that’s why this is here.
Panel 6- Awwwwww, widdle Mowgli napping in a fetal position that I’m sure all you ‘kawaii’ type fangirls will enjoy. 🙄 But yeah, I like the innocent type of pose here as well as the relaxation style too.
Panel 7- Mowgli sitting up in a tree & daydreaming. Again, I like the way he looks calm like your average Feral/Savage Wild Boy as they often sit up high in trees. I also like the expression that he shows in his face.
Panel 8- Another shot of Mowgli in a tree. Same thing as the 7th panel, but with a sense of curiosity in the character as to suggest what his attention is geared toward to.
Panel 9- yet Another shot of Mowgli in a tree, but looking a bit peeved. While the previous two were about relaxation & curiosity, this one has a bit of rage in him, as so to define him in a Savage/Ferocious manner.
Panel 10- Another ‘Awwwww’ shot but done at a different angle to show his back rather than the side.
Panel 11- Mowgli with his back to the view holding his temporary weapon, The Boomerang. I liked the way that he’s ready & waiting for something. Presumably to obliterate his next meal.
Panel 12- Another shot of Mowgli with the Boomerang but with his face toward us. This is almost like the previous panel, but in reverse to get that mirror type shot, or something.
Panel 13- Mowgli throws the Boomerang in an Action style pose that looks cool, as if he’s ready to take on his enemies n’ stuff.
Panel 14- Mowgli crawling out of his Home Cave so he can act like his Wolf Brothers. I like the way he’s crouched down low with his head up in a dramatic type pose cuz it adds a lot to his Feral personality. I also like the way I slightly altered his face as to have him question his own humanity because of the current upbringing that his whole ‘Family’ are Wolves & he’s the only Human in the Jungle. Which is why I, like many others, are greatly imposed over having him covered in a diaper/loincloth because his neutrality matches his Natural sense of surroundment & evokes the overall Human emotion that he expresses.
Panel 15- A somewhat young Mowgli crouched down at a water hole to take a swig. As before, I like the Feral type of pose he has here, as well as an additional sense of curiosity he has on his new surroundings.
Panel 16- Mowgli in his Home Cave supposedly nursing one of his wolf brethren to health. I like his pose & his look of Good Samaritan that he emotes. He also looks a bit creepy like he’s ready to pounce or attack someone Freddy Krueger style.
Panel 17- Same shot as panel 15, but at a different angle because I like style & variety. 😀
Panel 18- The continuing shot from panel 14 as he emerges from the cave to act out his Inner Wolf. I like the way he sits up & the pose & stuff. I forgot to add a little hair extension, but other than that, it’s okay.
Panel 19- Mowgli shouting or becoming frustrated over something. His stature kinda invokes the early days of the Renaissance Era where everything about the Human Body was majestic in that aspect.
Panel 20- Mowgli sliding down Kaa’s body like a ride at DisneyLand. ;p I once thought of marking an outline of Kaa like I did with some of the blue/red outlines you see here, but I thought it wasn’t needed.
Not only I like the pose, but also the expression in Mowgli’s face & the sense of bewilderment in his eyes.
It displeases me that Kaa was made into a villain in the campy Disney version. :X
Panel 21- What follows from panel 16. I added the rest of his feet & accidentally made his mouth bigger.
Also added more to his feet on this one.
Panel 22- Mowgli in a scene with his Wolf Mother. I like the sense of affection that Mowgli expresses as Children are often like that. I improved the structure of his feet, especially the right foot by having a more shape like foot to it rather than just something added to his leg.
Panel 23- Mowgli sitting down on hands & knees from the 19th panel. I just like the way he’s sitting in a Innocent/Childlike manner which is nice once in a while.
Panel 24- Another shot of Mowgli on a tree. I like his stature, but I didn’t like drawing his hand covered by the tree trunk. I surprisingly did great on the feet, but I might have made the hand a bit bigger, I think.
Panel 25- Yet another shot of Mowgli on a tree, but with him crawling on the trunk. With the boomerang strapped behind him, I almost had a tough time drawing the arch of his back, the spine line & the backside, but it only took me a few tries so it wasn’t that difficult to pull off. I also forgot to add the blue lines across the tree but I like the overall stature of it anyway, so I didn‘t bother with it.
Panel 26, 27, 28 & 29- At this point, I’d almost had enough of plain old standing shots, so in the next volume you’ll see a lot more provocative postures & body language that the character expresses.
Panel 30- Mowgli getting ready to throw the Batman Weapon to deliver Obliteration on his enemies. I couldn’t pass on a cool panel like this as Mowgli looks really Kick Ass on this shot. 😎
Panel 31- Another good shot of Mowgli with the Batman Weapon. I like this one a bit more better than the last panel cuz of his overall stance and I even decided to alter the expression on his face as if he’s saying “Don’t You F*ck with Me!!” to his would be victim. :threaten:
I kinda like that. 😎
Panel 32- Mowgli lying down on the grass on a Warm Night. :relax: I like the feeling of relaxation on him like he’s just taking a rest from a busy day of Battling a few woodland critters. 😎
Panel 33- The same thing on the last panel, but him sitting up & chatting with his Wolf Brothers. I had some time & room to spare, so I got this one because I like the way he sits up and commands attention to the scene. I drew the right ear too small, so it looks a bit funny not being symmetrical to the other ear.
Ah well, whaddya gonna do? :hmm:
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