MLB Network Presents: The Cleveland Indians - The Dynasty That Almost Was

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  1. If my Tigers are out of it come playoff time I'll root for the Indians. Like the Astros too but they got they're long awaited title last year as well as the Cubs in 16. Can't believe Milwaukee only one pennant. Washington still struggling just like Montreal. Rangers had a series win wrapped up and lost, then another. Mariners never won a pennant. Pirates haven't since 79. Padres have yet to win a World Series in 65+ years.

  2. Even last year with 102 wins the team only drew 25,000 per night on average. I think the team will move in the next twenty years.

  3. Cleveland would not have caught the Sox, they were the best team in the AL by miles and possibly better than Montreal too.

  4. I lived through it all, a fan since I delivered the Plain Dealer newspaper at 4am at age 13. I'm an old man now…..and I'm a "cup half empty" kind of guy because of the Tribe.
    I looked up at the ceiling and I knew they would lose the WS in the 9th inning of Game 7 in '97, the 2 – 0 game lead in the ALDS in '99, missing the playoffs by one game in 2000 after having the best record in MLB in September, winning 93 games in '05 and blowing 6 of 7 games in the last week of the season, that 3 – 1 game lead in the '07 ALCS, the Wild Card game in '13, the 3 – 1 game lead in the WS in '16, and the 2 – 0 game lead in the '17 ALDS. I knew it all before it happened. And if you STILL don't believe the team is cursed……remember 1994? Their first good team in 40 years, tied for 1st place and destined for the playoffs, if not a championship……and the players go on strike, cancelling the season. 2018 is probably their last shot in my life time. That said, thank you MLB for this video that filled in a lot of gaps in my memory of this incredible time.

  5. The 90's was weird. You had Cleveland who couldn't win with that amazing team, and the Mariners as well with the biggest superstars in the league, couldn't even make it to the series. Then the Marlins and Dbacks won the series, and the Padres made it in.

  6. If Harry Doyle were calling it he'd be like
    24:21 "Belle doing his little shimmy. It drives the women here in Cleveland crazy!"
    45:27 "Belle doing his little shimmy. It makes the women here in Cleveland puke!"

  7. Corked bats. Stealing them back. Hahaha. Taking steroids? Oh, hell no. Never understand how one is called gamesmanship and the other is called cheating.

  8. If it wasn't for the Yankees dynasty in the late 90's especially the '98 season, they may or would've won the World Series that year.

  9. this makes me so sad…. sad, but also happy and proud. these were the indians i followed with my uncle since i was only 11. that 95 series, i was 15 and had grown into a fan obsessed with the tribe. i used to draw chief wahoo on my grocery store paperbag textbook-covers in high school, i was never separated from my cap (i still wear one to this day). we came close that year… didn't happen, but we were still one of the best teams in baseball. then in 97…. so close. i was 17 and it was the only time i've ever cried into my pillow over a world series loss. it solidified my love for this time, and i've never left them.

    so close so many times… 98, 99, 01, 07, 16, last year… we have to do it. we have to do it this year… let's get it done, tribe!!!


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