Remi Warren is a hunter, adventurer, and videographer. His show “Apex Predator” is on the Outdoor Channel and available at
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  1. Remi if you ever need to get rid of last years bow I can help you out. I'm shooting a 03 Fred Bear trx32. It's great and I love it, but a newer bow would be pretty sweet. Maybe next year I can afford a 2010 or something haha. Remi you're the man! I dig your hunting methods and the content you guys create.

  2. The order of US states in size are Alaska, Texas, California, then Montana. Wyoming has the smallest population of any state with around 500,000, Alaska has a few hundred thousand more. The proposed Jefferson state of Northern California above San Francisco if created would then be the least populated state in the union, with less than half a million people

  3. The hunting clothing thing goes back hundreds of years and has it base in formal European hunting with gun bearers, shooting jackets, riding boots, and so forth…

  4. Joe commented on eating deer and elk rare. I do the same and have never had a problem, but the last time I was processing an antelope I gave my dogs raw scraps. They both got worms and the first question the vet asked me was if I gave them raw venison. I will still eat my steaks rare, but something to think about.

  5. That is the same has a pellet stove that Remi was talking about…good stuff!! Keeps you very warm up here in Canada!!

  6. Just starting watching/listening Joe. This is the first one I've listened to but I love it so far. Making my early morning drives out to the hunting blind much more enjoyable

  7. this is probably my favorite podcast to date. Remi is the man! Have you ever tried to get Donnie Vincent on the podcast?

  8. In my city, we have huge mule deer bucks that literally will walk right up to my truck. I've even walked by one mid day and an old buck, that probably weighed close to 350lbs. Sat there within 5 ft just staring at me. Just had a Moose running down the middle of the road.

  9. they went from pro-blackfish to dont stop hunting….yes killer whales are complex, but i know sea world workers – yes there are good and bad peeople – however the good are working to help these animals. they dont just snatch whales from the wild, they need rehab or no longer can live in the wild. if humans cant interact in some way with these animals all the funding those parks tickets generate for animal research and preservation is gone. there has to be a balance just like hunting.

  10. There was a study where researchers put mouse wheels in the woods, and put cameras on them. Mice all over, who would have never seen a mouse wheel before, were photographed running in the wheels. Figure that shit out!

    I was camping with some friends and my buddies drunk girlfriend got up at night to pee. She wiped with poison oak, and then went to the tent and they got it on… She was in the hospital for a week, and he was single again.

  11. typical (Liberal Logic) allow all animals to live until you are face to face with one for your life then, its ok to kill them all because they eat humans.


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