Early rural and popular American music, 1928-1935
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  1. I miss you daddy👼🏼, he loved Jimmie- and could play guitar like him. I have all his records now- what a treasure.

  2. i am dreaming tonight of an old southern town, and the best friend that i've ever had……. start of the greatest song ever

  3. My grandfather passed away January 2015, when I was younger he would always play his cassettes of Jimmie Rodgers and Jerry Clower for me. Just hearing these old songs bring back so many memories of my time with the man that raised me, I know it's been 10 years since this video was posted but I just want to say thank you so much.

  4. the real father of country  and the first  video1928  he died of tb  in  1933 earnest tubbs locked the  guitar in a safe  tubbs passed away and its still there

  5. 1928  the real father of country  music  and was indeed  the first video  later  earnest  tubbs  locked that guitar in a vault  jimmy died of  tb  in  1933


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