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Watch how to make simple baked chicken with a Parmesan crust. The cheese combines with fresh herbs, garlic, and bread crumbs to create a coating that bakes up golden brown. These are a sure bet with the kids! And the leftovers are terrific for chicken salad!






  1. I have trouble with bread crumbs sticking uniformly to my chicken breasts using egg. I've never ever heard of using butter. I heard you suggest oil as another alternative, also. How do these compare with using egg? Thanks!

  2. TIP 1: you have to beat the chicken into 1" thick uniform pieces. For a softer more tender, and more consistently cooked chicken. TIP#2; Also; I like egg instead of butter, its healthier. TIP#3' ADD Baking powder, not to be mistaken with baking soda, to your breadcrumb mix; it will make a Crunchy Crust you won't believe! TIP#4; I prefer to broil them first at 500 for a couple minutes then flip; or use a toaster oven, ***and toast that chicken first! this will make them extremely crunchy and you won't overcook or dry them out; TIP#5; Then I add the cheese and put it back into the oven cooking at 275-325 until done. TIP#6; I do not place sauce on the chicken; this will make it soggy; adds moisture, and steams your oven which you don't want. Or you get a pasty result. Add the sauce after you place the chicken on the plate 'and not before' or the bottom will get soggy too.

  3. Hi! Thanks for this recipe!!! But can i just use italian bread crumbs instead of the hearbs with bread crumbs?? Please answer quickly i want to make this tonight!!!

  4. I cannot believe that something ridiculously stupid thing like Howtobasic deserved much more than something like this

  5. I thought your mashed potatoes sounded wonderful. I also think a creamy pasta would be a nice side – like creamy paremsan egg noodles.

  6. You have me sold! I'm going to make this for dinner tomorrow night. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. After watching this video today I decided to make it for my dinner. I didn't have the fresh herbs so I had to use dry herbs and It was still lovely plus really easy to cook.

    I cooked it with baked mashed potatoes and sesame coated broccoli. I definitely recommend this dish, it was lovely!.

    Thank's All Recipes 🙂


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