I Do Not Own The Rights For This.


  1. I heard this song by my father , a railroad man, so often , I still know it and love it . It sounds like the many trains I rode for so many years . My dad said we have a train pass and so no car is needed . !!!!!!

  2. I wonder , did Hank know what a great tune this is to tap dance to? Hey did daughter learn to tapdance ? Boy did she and even better than dad! I wish I still had the energy cause this is great to tap to !

  3. I'm moving on! As a railroad child of a railroad man who tap danced to this , let's say boy does this get played by such!

  4. boy did I hear this a lot from a railroad man who also tapdanced to this. I knew all the words at a very young age .

  5. Hank Snow top guy . I met him in the Uk when he toured here I think late 70 s . I had to drop the doorman a £5 note to let me in the rear door as he just finished his show . Then Hank Snow walked by me . I ask him for his autograph and he said in his grufty voice ( your very welcome son ) still got it in my archives somewhere .


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