GT Sport’s livery editor offers an impressive level of customisation. Take a look with Dave as Hollie builds the Access-mobile.

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  1. I reckon, depending on what your tire sponsor is on the custom livery made for Group 3, Group B and Group 1 Cars, the sidewalls of the tire change over to that tire manufacturer?

  2. After 20 million years have GT finally added car customisation. Add 500 more cars and it could be a real fight between Forza and Grand Turismo

  3. Nice Video! 👍
    Check my special livery I made yesterday!
    It's called GRAN TURISMO 20 YEARS
    Search filters are:

    Hope you enjoy!

  4. I believe polyphony left a huge junk of the customising out such as changing spoilers, seats, bumpers, skirts and interior

  5. okay so i have my decal ready and everything is fine yet whenever i try to upload this red msg pops up to "A server error has occurred." please I need help

  6. Does someone know where to upload custom SVG/vectors to? It should be possible, according to the site of Gran Turismo, but I can't find it anywhere.

  7. The *Livery Editor* sucks! The vinyls application is effin confusing.
    *We can't rotate/position in exact form (eyeballing only). * Too bad *we can't make vinyl groups* , and *we can't enlarge each side of a vinyl, we can only enlarge it as whole*
    It would be nice if we were able to add vinyls/logos to the helmet and suit (and gloves & shoes too). LOL
    And it's an *upsolute shame* that *we can't sell/buy designs* .
    And where the ** are the *Body Kits* ? *No Upgrades to buy either* ?
    As usual, *the BACK BOTTON* is merely a *RANDOM BACK BOTTON* .
    Way too much effort went into the development of the *View Car* graphics. It's amazing, yes, but is this a *Sell that car showroom* , or is this *A Driving/Racing Game* ? WT*!
    Moth** F*****S !
    *All that nuclear radiation has destroyed Pholyphony's Employees brains*


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