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Men start @21:30
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  1. Its just not fair. Being a 5 foot 3 inch guy I have no chance to match this running pace no matter how hard I tried.

  2. Sue Ryder, are you out there? If so, please give Gabby Logan some guidance on how to avoid cringeworthy, overzealous interview questions and allow the interviewee to finish their answer.

  3. Farah has to be the greatest sprint finisher in distance running history. He doesn't have the world records or the fastest times but he just keeps winning.

  4. My first ever half marathon, I was disappointed with my time. Running for my belated Mam. I hope to do it again with a better time. I'm going to do a boot camp to get me fitter and better myself. The atmosphere here is amazing.

  5. The new Zealander had a brilliant run pushing farah like that damn good run. New Zealand have always had a great history of distance running john walker rod Dixon peter snell derek Froude etc.


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