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  1. Will people stop promoting fake news? This isn't Britain – they're driving on the right. ALSO it's totally sped up! Look at the people wandering around at the side of the road towards the end.

  2. Hear all about, driving wrong way on a motorway that has no clear central barrier… Brought to you by fucktard Ed and his testicle brothers.

  3. Let me take an old clip from USA…..pretend it’s in Britain …..cause I’m soooooooo. desperate for views… are a fud….headline should read …traveller tries to fool people but realises he is a dickhead ….as he doesn’t even know what side of the road we drive on…..had you gone to school ,you would know right from left…..fud

  4. Shows how stupid this wanna be nacker  is.  Not even a UK vid.   just a simple dribbly looking to get views


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