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After months of delibirating over my next Chauffeuring car, 2018 Mercedes S Class vs 2018 BMW 7 Series, I finally went with my heart and ordered a 2018 BMW 740LD xDrive M Sport. In this video I head down to Berry BMW in Heathrow to collect my brand new car, Hamzah and I go over the spec & options on my car.

Full Driving review coming once she’s run in.

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  1. Im also considering switching my X5 30d for a 7 series. the only concern i have is that the new facelift is about to come out as a 2019 model? should i still get the current 7 series?

  2. Hi Joe,

    Love the car, in fact I have just brought one in the same colour and interior. What camera's do you use when filming as the quality especially close-ups are brill.

    Dave from Worcestershire

  3. I dont Know which one to choose this or the s class for my work. In Geneva people prefer the s class but i like more bimmer

  4. seems like the s class wins this one for me . that tablet is just a useless option to add wow to those who like bling but it gets a low score with me on purpose it should have its own uses not be a remote control for things in arms reach


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