Could the next Carolina Panthers’ owner be producer, business man, rapper, song-writer, actor, entrepreneur and media mogul…. P. DIDDY!? If so, we have a lot to look forward to, including a potential return to either the field or front office for Colin Kaepernick. If you were a Panthers fan, would you be up for this arrangement?

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  1. Copy & paste. But I agree

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  2. I do not like his type of music but that doesn’t mean anything! If he has the money and the moxie to buy the club then he should proceed. Money is green, not black or white. If he loves football and has the abilities to buy the Panthers then GO FOR IT!!

  3. Good luck with Sean Combs even being considered to be a football owner. Just ask Donald J. Trump or Rush Limbaugh.

  4. He is a black Muslim and he got blackballed. That's what he gets for wiping his ass with the American flag. Obama can't help him now. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Explain that to your wife. Honey I lost 100 million.

  5. The NFl is on it's way out because of Kaepernick . He took a fake cause (BLACK LIVES MATTER) and used it to fuel his Socialist agenda. The fanbase of the NFL is now gone and the NFl will never come back from this. It is amazing that one man could take down the NFL But he did and although the NFL is not completely done yet. Its on it's way.

  6. Stopped wathing the NFL CRAP last year ! My math tells me that 70% black membership is not equal ! anybody ever wonder why these teams will not talk about that issue and now they cry about there are not enough people of blackness in the Olympic games ? Crazy is Crazy so go ahead and fire the " I'm Racist crap that always comes out from you idiots.

  7. No because the first thing you do is throw out cam Newton bro your cause is right but your ability to management is all wrong you already making stupid decisions


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