Alabama-Style White Barbecue Sauce - How to Make White BBQ Sauce

Learn how to make an Alabama-Style White Barbecue Sauce recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Alabama-Style White Barbecue Sauce!


  1. Notice how Alabama is so extra they couldn’t just eat gravy as it is with its dark color so they had to make it white to match their skin color

  2. Omg Chef John, your food puns are too much!! Hahaha… the shakes, ah man. That was good. On a more serious note, I really enjoy your version of this sauce. I've tried 2 others that were okay but missing that real feel of being just right. I think we have a winner here

  3. Dude I call this the end of the month sauce cause I always end up making it out of the comdiments section of my fridge at between paychecks (Im a student Student)

  4. why are half the comments on this video "yum yum i want this food" and the other half is "finally a sauce for white people. top kek, cant wait for the race war"

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  6. I've lived in Alabama for about 12 years and only heard about this within the last year. Full Moon bbq has it and it's freaking awesome. This sauce is great should definitely be more widely known.

  7. This guy is so overly informative, and while a lot of what he says is spot on, I don't know how people can stand to listen to him talk the way he does!! Drives me fucking nuts

  8. You are the Rick Ross of your white barbecue sauce. Add it on chicken you won't need dental floss. Your flavor won't be at a loss give your friend the extras don't give it a toss.

  9. Question: Can you leave out the horse radish? Or can you really taste the horse radish in the original recipe? Other than that this looks amazing.


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