20150530 – yardsale haul – IMG_0468 – NCIS game, Leather Care kits
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Image by Clio CJS
Boardgame () we got for Eve, but she later refused it, & gave it back without opening, just like the last gift we got her a long time ago. That was a letdown and kinda bummed me out. Anyone want a NCIS game? I don’t.

Anyway, the 2 leather care kits ( total), however, became instrumental in cleaning a box of bdsm equipment we purchased at a yard sale the following year. They also were used on our leather couches a bunch. Great find.

NCIS board game, body oil, essential oil, leather care, leather care kit, leather cleaner.

upstairs, Clint and Carolyn’s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

May 30, 2015.

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BACKSTORY: Got up around 7:00 AM, made it out driving by 7:38 AM and went out until [forgot:estimating 12:38PM] for a total of about 4 hours, 25 minutes (because we spent ~35 minutes eating).

Spent .67 plus ~.53 gas for 46.7 miles of driving (15 mpg @ .74/G), for a total cost of .20.

We drove to 29 yard sales, stopping at 19 (66%) of them [but one was a 50-vendor boy scouts sale, so this count is deceptive].

We made 36 purchases (28 items) for a total estimated value of 6.61, leading to a profit/savings of 3.41.

So in essence, we multiplied our .20 investment by 6.9X.

(Also, if you think about it, the profit counts for even more when you consider that we have to earn $~427 on the job, pre-tax, in order to take home the 3 in cash that we saved. How long does $ of disposable income take to earn, vs the 4.41666 hrs we spent here?)

Anyway, this works out to a *post-tax* "wage" of .55/hr as a couple or .27/hr per person.


.00: camping chair, Sport-Brella XTR chair, attached umbrella and footrest, blue (EV:$.40). Talked down from .

.00: shelf unit, accordian, black, 20 adjustable shelves, can open and close, 29×34.375×6.5625"(EV:$14.99)

.00: water art, Homedics Aquascape Dancing Showers, CP-AQDANC, 2003 (EV:$20.50)

.00: game, NCIS, Pressman, shrink-wrapped (EV:.99 price tag). Talked down from .

.00: pool chair, long lounge chair, orange & white (EV:$33.00)

.00: step stool, Rubbermaid, Roughneck, purple, 071691134664, 12.5×15.5×9.25" (EV:$8.89)

.00: trading cards, G.I. Joe, 1991, Impel (EV:$3.50)

.00: game, Puerto Rico, Rio Grande Games, 2002 (EV:$24.00)

.00: leather care systems (2), Miracle Seal Plus, leather cleaner, conditioner (8 containers, 8 fl oz each), ink & lipstick remover (2 containers, 2.5 oz each), sponge (2, 1 new, 1 used), cloth (2, 1 new, 1 used) (EV:$31.59)

.00: bbq fork/thermometer, Maverick Bar-B-Fork, Electronic Food Probe Thermometer Deluxe, 011502100556(EV:$12.60)

.00: shirt, Invader Zim, black, I Heart Cupcakes!, Mighty Fine, XXL (EV:$6.39)

.00: purse, Invader Zim, Gir (EV:$18.00)

.00: "poster", X-Men, Havok, Psylock, Jubilee, Wolverine, 22×34(EV:)

.00: "poster", X-Men, The Legend Continues. Mutant Genesis, Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine, Psylock, Gambit, Beast, Colossus, Rogue, ArchAngel, Polaris, Multiple Man, Havok, Guido, Wolfsbane, Nightcrawler, Domino, Kitty Pryde, Cable 13.375x~37(EV:)

.00: "poster", X-Men, X-Men#1 cover, 10.125×25.5"(EV:)

.00: "poster", X-Men, X-men on vacation, 10.125×13"(EV:)

.00: "poster", X-Men, Jean Grey, Storm, Rogue, Psylock, Jubilee, 10.125×13 (EV:)

.00: bowling ball, Brunswick Axis AML7824, green & purple swirl (EV:$43.95)

.00: blanket, Indian style, gray, black and white (EV:$4.99)

.00: strainer, with handle, 8" diameter (EV:$2.99)

.50: dish drainer, with separate bottom water catcher piece, Sterilite, 17.5x13x4" (EV:$12.57)

.50: bank, Venom, Monogram Int’l Inc, AN07-11E22, 7×7.5×6.5" (EV:$19.99)

.50: air pump, hand, Athletic Works, 6" inflation hose, AA-245NSP, Wal-Mart, 725033605724 (EV:$9.99)

.50: wrapping paper, (6) rolls, christmas (EV:.00 each=)

.38: action figure, Simpsons, Milhouse, Burger King, 2011, astronaut Halloween costume, 3" (EV:$3.75)

.38: action figure, Smurf, Papa Smurf, spy glass, 3" (EV:$5.10)

.38: action figure, Smurf, Chef Smurf, 3" (EV:$3.99). Given to Paul to remind him there can never be "Too Many Cooks".

.38: action figure, Simpsons, Nelson, Burger King, 2007, sitting on trash can, pointing, 3.25" (EV:$4.00)

.38: action figure, Simpsons, Homer, Burger King, 2007, with cowboy hat, says "Yee Haw", 4×4" (EV:$11.24), but that was NRFB.

.38: action figure, Batman, Joker, 5 joints, purple suit with card symbols spades hearts diamonds clubs, K3684, 4.5" (EV:$5.95)

.38: action figure, Simpsons, Homer, Burger King, 2011, Radioactive Homer, light-up machine, 4" (EV:$5.98)

.38: action figure, Simpsons, Bart, standing, rubbery, 3.375" (EV:$7.85)

.38: action figure, Simpsons, Bart, Burger King, May-Aug 2011, The Fly version with light up insect eyes and muscular chest, 3" (EV:$7.49)

.25: power cable, generic computer cable with velcro holder (EV:$2.44)

$FREE: scissors, black handle, 7" (EV:$1.00)

$FREE: essential oil, Cool Water, .5 fl oz, Spectrum (EV:.00 printed on it)

$FREE:body oil, Sex On The Beach, .5 fl oz, Sunflower Cosmetics (EV:$7.49)


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