1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302
sports 1 charlotte
Image by Sicnag
Bright Gold Metallic.
Fords Pony car, the Mustang was first introduced in April, 1964.
The 1970 Mustang was a facelift of the 1969 model, the headlights were moved inside the grille and imitation vents added to the outside where the 69 headlights were, the rear fender scoops were also gone and taillights revised. It was still available in Sportsroof, Hardtop or Convertible.
Hardtops and Convertibles were available in base models, Sportsroofs were available in;
The Mach 1, standard with V8 and sports suspension, , Cobra Jet versions got the Shaker hood scoop.
This car, the Boss 302, built for Trans Am homologation, to race against the likes of the Cuda AAR, TA Challenger and Z28 Camaro, it had hockey stick stripes that ran up and over the hood, front spoiler and Magnum 500 wheels. The G Code 302 engine was rated at a conservative 290bhp, it had 351 Cleveland heads on a Tunnel Port 302 Windsor Block. (6319 were made in 1970),
Also available was the Boss 429, built for NASCAR homologation.
Engines; 120hp 200 and 155hp 250 cu in 6 cyls, 220hp 302, the Boss 302 was 290hp, 250hp 2V 351 and 300hp 4V 351 Cleveland V8s, 335hp 428 Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet, 375hp Boss 429.
Photographed at the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang celebrations at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, April 2014


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