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Image by Zoë Campbell
I’ll start this broken heart
I’ll fix it up so it will work again
Better than before
Then I’ll star in a mystery
A tragic tale of all that’s yet to come
Fingers crossed there will be love

But I get carried away with every day
And every fantasy
The deeper the wound,
The harder I swoon and wish that that was me
There’s so much to say
But no words to convey
The loneliness building with each passing day
But I’m getting used to it
You have to get used to it

I’m running out of ideas for this project. Can you guys like .. tell me something to do? Dress up, act like, talk about .. whatever. Just an idea, puh-leeeeeze 🙂

Friends are like pee. Everyone can see it but your the only one that can feel it!
These are my friendship bracelets. I don’t know if anyone has noticed them in any of my pictures, but they don’t come off. The wax inside them was melted so that they would stay on, forever. The on on top was put on at camp, but three of my best camp friends Lauren, Brittney and Nichole, and the second was put on in January by Lauren. I fight the refs at basketball about them, and I lost. So, I cheated and lied. I bought sports tape, and I wrap my wrist like an injury each game. It’s uncomfortable, hot and bothers me throughout the game, but I don’t dare take them off.

Friendship is one of the most important things in my life.

I’m still sick and exhausted, and missing you. I thought I was over it, but I was wrong.

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