I decided to try a new meal, so here it is!

Eggplant, Chicken,and Spinach Pizza

Marinara Sauce
Baby Spinach
Sliced Cheese
Seasonings (I used FlavorGod salt, also added some Garlic Powder)
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  1. Hi Morgan Taylor I really love this idea do you have any more healthy recipes like this if so can you pllllleeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssseeee do a tutorial on this for me!

  2. I just found your channel because I was searching for a review on the Samsung NX mini. I'm sold, haha! Hopefully I'll be able to get one soon. I just started making videos and still need to get a profile pic! 🙂 I am looking forward to watching all of your meal videos!

  3. I've never tried eggplant pizza but this definitely looks good! (Your video goes black throughout the seasoning part 1:142:14 so we are unable to see what you are seasoning it with).

  4. I think you should get a vlogging channel! That would be awesome, and you could put your fit meals on there, and also what your exercise plans are! Btw I love your videos!!


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