WVU vs Marshall
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Had the cybershot with me in the car when I was picking up one of my son’s friends when I noticed the backyard sheds of the friend’s neighbors. Saturday, September 2, 2006 marks a the re-birth of this in-state rivalry to be played in Morgantown, WV (WVU dropped to #3 this year in the rankings of party schools).

It seems that Marshall and Huntington have always had a chip on the shoulder when it comes to attention…I am in a strange category of being a die-hard WVU fan even though I graduated form Marshall…although I always cheer for Marshall…except when playing West Virginia.

This rivalry has divided many a house in these parts and tomorrow’s game will be like Marshall’s National Championship if they pull the upset. WVU comes in highly ranked with realistic aspirations of an undefeated season…just don’t overlook MU…it means more to Marshall than WVU and those games can be scarry.

Best of Luck to both.


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