Super Bowl Sunday
Super Bowl Ads
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What are you drinking during the game today?

If you are planning on watching the game, you will be one of more than 1 billion people world-wide that tune in. Today more than 140 million Americans are likely to leaver their homes to watch the game. That is more than 35 million MORE people than New Year’s Eve.

Super Bowl Sunday is the 8th largest day for sales of beer in the United States. 49.3 million cases of brew are expected to be sold today. In case you are wondering, the 4th of July is the #1 day for beer sales in the USA.

Pizza Hut sold roughly 2 million pizzas during last year’s Super Bowl. Papa Johns said they sold 1 million pies. Domino‚Äôs will about another 1 million as well. An estimated 1.25 billion wings will be consumed over the weekend. I don’t know what a "normal" amount is for one weekend – but a billion is a lot!

If you’re a gambling person – the line opened with New England favored by 3.5 in Las Vegas. On Monday, it fell to -3 and is -2.5 just before kick off. An estimated billion dollars will be wagered on the Super Bowl this year. According to MGM – this is the most wagered event in Super Bowl history.

This little bit of advertising for Corona came to them for free – it was just something I played with last night for fun. If you wanted to really do some "real" advertising during the TV broadcast of the Super Bowl, a 30-second commercial would cost you .5 million (up 0,000 from last year (according to

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Shot with a Canon 7d and 50mm f1.8

1 YN-560 and RF-602 camera left @ 1/3 power
1 YN-560 and RF-602 above @ 1/4 power
1 TN-560 and RF-602 background @ 1/2 power
50mm @ f9 and 1/200th using ISO 250

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Special thanks to Clint Decker and his video showing the basics. I didn’t follow it exactly, but it got me going. He’s got an awesome flickr stream – check it out here: flickr


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